How I Made My Dream Come True

It’s been a few weeks ago. It has been a highlight in my life: SoCraTes 2012!

It started out as an idea around 2 years ago. I had been visiting quite a lot of events here in Germany: conferences focussing on programming, on agile coaching. – They have been OK. Still, something was missing:

Passion for “Good Programming”

The events were either focussing on technology or on processes. Truly, both are important. Yet, you do not need a fancy process nor do you need the latest technology to create great software. What you definitely need is great developers. People who know their craft. A craft that consists of much more than a programming language or frameworks or mastering the skills. It requires a sharp mind, curiosity, passion as well as communication skills, discipline, creativity.

The dream

Let’s organize an un-conference similar to the Agile Coach Camps focusing on Software Craftsmanship.

It started during XP-days 2010 as an open space session. There we founded the initial organizing group. The result was SoCraTes 2011 with about 50 attendees. During the event some of the attendees decided to continue the experience of learning and sharing by creating user groups all over Germany. That has been the ignition of Softwerkskammer. Currently it consists of more than 350 members and 9 regional groups.

This year we followed up with SoCraTes 2012. The event was sold out in less than two weeks and was really satisfying to me and – at least some folks told me – to others, too. I cannot imagine a life without events like that anymore. It has been energizing to see so many great and passionate developers sharing their knowledge and experience and setting a great stage for themselves.

Every End is a New Beginning

Shortly before SoCraTes 2012 I started to think about withdrawing my engagement for the future. The reason is simple: I always wanted the event to be a community event, not my personal thing.

I am really happy to have found volunteers for next year’s SoCraTes and I have no doubt that it will be great again. Nonetheless I am curios about how it will turn out to be.

Last not least I want to thank everybody for his/her support, especially Nicole who invested lots of her time and always took the load off me. It wouldn’t have been possible without her loving support.

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